ThinkiSemi maintains it's position as a leader in the semi-conductor industry by adopting a "Quality First" manufacturing philosophy and by focusing on Customer Satisfaction
ThinkiSemi has invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a comprehensive quality system. Our strong technical development capability is reflected in our product designs.
ThinkiSemi's full range of static and dynamic test equipment ensures that these designs exceed our customer's expectations for performance and reliability. Our products are recognized for fast recovery time, low noise level, high temperature performance and low leakage current.
We have very strong management and R & D ability and fine equipment and accessories to warrant our products to meet each customer's demand. The tremendous growth of electronic industries have created exceptionally strong demands for high-quality products, ThinkiSemi takes an important position in this field and our staff will continue to dedicate our outstanding service, research and development, and technological improvement.